Software and USB Setup

In order to use the AVRISP mkII it is required to install the USB driver. Please do not connect the AVRISP mkII to the computer before running the USB Setup. USB driver installation is done during the AVR Studio installation.

Note: AVRISP mkII requires AVR Studio 4.12 or later. Latest version of the AVR Studio can be found at:

Start the AVR Studio installation. During this installation the dialog box in the figure below will be presented to the user.

To install the USB driver, check the Install/Upgrade USB Driver checkbox, and the USB Driver will automatically be installed.  


Install new hardware on the computer

When AVR Studio and USB driver installation is finished, please attach the USB cable to both PC and AVRISP mkII. (The AVRISP mkII is powered from the USB). If it is the first time the AVRISP mkII is connected to the computer, the box below will appear:

If running Windows XP you need to click "Next" a couple of times. Please wait until the installation process completes by itself. It may take from a few seconds up to a few minutes depending on the computer and operating system.   

If the USB driver is correctly installed and AVRISP mkII is connect to the PC, the green LED inside the encasing next to the USB connector will be lit.

If the AVR Studio for some reason can't detect the AVRISP mkII after the USB setup, try to restart the computer in order to get the driver properly loaded.


Install USB driver after AVR Studio is installed

The USB driver can be installed even after AVR Studio have been installed by following these steps:


1. Open "Control Panel" on the PC (Windows 95 and Windows NT does not support USB)

2. Select "Add or Remove Programs"

3. Select "AVRStudio4" in the list of programs

4. Click on the "Change" button

5. Select "Modify"

6. Select "Install/upgrade USB Driver"


The USB driver is now properly installed on the PC



Note: The AVRISP mkII requires a USB port that can deliver 200mA (self-powered USB hub).


· Please read about using AVR Studio with AVRISP mkII